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Regardless of Whether School is In Session, Educators are Always Thinking about How to Improve Student Outcomes

All learners need and deserve high expectations. By seeking out high-quality instructional materials—programs that give students access to grade-level content while authentically honoring and reflecting a diversity of experiences—districts can take a step in the right direction toward helping all students thrive. Enjoy these great reading resources curated from the managing editor of EdReports.

  How to Prioritize Cultural Responsiveness in Curriculum Review
Tips for assembling a review team to meet diverse student needs and providing the necessary time, tools, and training.
  Evaluating Materials for Culturally Responsive Practices: A Landscape Analysis
A guide to 15 free tools that educators are using to review instructional materials for culturally responsive practices.
  The Power of Centering Student Experiences in the Classroom
Educator Neven Holland shares his personal journey to becoming a teacher, and why every student deserves access to grade-level curriculum that is engaging and celebrates who they are.