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From reporting to data input to organization, we’ve seen it all throughout our more than 75 combined years in K-12 education. We can help you conduct a gap analysis to identify areas of opportunity within your district, develop RTI-MTSS  Frameworks, and organize your processes and data to maximize staff time and efficiency. We have  expertise in administration, coaching,  and leadership through numerous professional development opportunities .   


Districts build scale and maximize capacity to see stronger, more holistic  student outcomes. 

A Detailed Overview of Our Services
for K-12 Districts & School Sites:


Helping Districts Apply Educational Equity So That Every Student Receives What They Need To Excel

Across this nation, classroom educators, counselors, and administrators have a common goal - to create a positive learning environment that serves the needs of all students across all areas of development. But when no two students learn in the same way, and every district has its own context, challenges, and culture, it becomes clear that applying the standards and benefits of RTI/MTSS can be overwhelming.

Since RTI/MTSS touches every aspect of a student's life, it is critically important to tap into high levels of expertise when it comes to deploying it. That's where we can help.

While intervention plans and reliable data are essential to forming a clearly defined RTI/MTSS  framework, the fact is that it requires a dedicated and sustained effort to build solid support for each child’s academic, behavioral, and social-emotional needs. Our team of educators and LEAS understand that implementing RTI/MTSS can feel daunting. We bring clarity. We know how to set your district up for success through evidence-based practices, interventions, and enrichments. 

We work with our districts to ensure that well-structured support tiers are in place and applied holistically. We utilize processes, tools, and data-based decision-making to help better engage students, staff, and parents. No matter where your district is in its development and deployment of RTI/MTSS,  we’re here to help move the dial toward higher levels of success for every student.


Helping Districts Build A Collaborative Culture That Maximizes Results Together

Ask any district what they most need, and the answer is likely to be – how to build scale and maximize capacity. Whether through direct consultation, virtual, or on-site coaching, we stand ready to guide your district and school site in the development and implementation of integrated frameworks, auditing and assessments, workable strategies, and solid structures.  

Our team can meet your specific consulting needs from general education and special education to administration. We can support and deliver your message specific to your district’s mission and connect you with experts who can provide short or long-term support for your needs. We provide practical feedback and support when and where you need it most, helping your district work smarter, not harder.


Helping Districts Maintain An Educational Environment Free From Disability-based Discrimination

As school leaders, you are an invaluable resource for people in your district regarding the rights of students with disabilities under Section 504. Our consultants can support your efforts to help your district and schools to effectively comply with Section 504, including implementing its regulations and in administering student evaluations and placements. 


In addition, we can guide districts and school sites in the implementation of policies, regulations, and procedures to strengthen standards on reporting, investigating, and responding to incidents of HIB with strategies for intervention, remediation, and prevention.

The result: ensuring that all of your district’s students have safe and healthy environments in which to learn and thrive. 


Helping Districts Find Greater Value & Context in Their Data

They're not just numbers and spreadsheets. Leveraging reliable data determines how and when to deploy your best resources and intervention strategies.  Ensuring seamless data integration is essential to the strength of any school district.  
  • How accurate is your data?
  • Are systems in place to reduce duplicate entries?
  • Is reporting for local, state, and federal requirements seamless?
  • How can you improve your data integration systems to maximize employee efficiency and data input processes?  
Our team will perform an in-depth analysis of these systems and make recommendations to meet and address all of your data challenges. Data doesn’t always speak for itself. We can help make it count. 


Helping Districts Implement Best Practices To Improve The Performance of Students With Special Needs

When it comes to delivering Special Education Services, implementing best practices requires strong communication, careful planning, and broad-based participation from various stakeholders.

Whether your district has uncertainty about regulations or anxiety about noncompliance, our consultants come alongside your staff to tackle this vital work and to ensure that best practices are in place.

We help develop a better understanding of how your Special Education teachers, related service providers, and RTI staff are currently serving students. Armed with a detailed understanding of current practices, we guide districts thoughtfully toward planning based on each individual’s role. 

We take a system-thinking approach to examine current practices and can help make a difference in student outcomes. Our consultants help your district make the critical connection between Special Education and the three tiers of MTSS.  We can provide a review of your current Special Education plan and review case files for IEPS and student evaluations. We can help examine areas for improvement and compliance, if applicable.

We support training for CST on best practices in IEP writing, transition planning, selecting goals and objectives, applied behavior analysis practices, and instructional practice.  We also target disproportionality in Special Education.

It is an in-depth process, but it is central to improving the lives of students with special needs and struggling learners.  


Helping Districts Ease The  Challenges Of Life After High School For Students With Disabilities

Transitioning from high school to post-secondary education and the workforce can be challenging for any student, but it can be especially difficult for those with disabilities.


While Special Education teachers and transition coordinators play a critical role in supporting students with disabilities during the transition beyond high school, our team can partner with districts to provide comprehensive resources and support for developing self-advocacy and accessing accommodations and support services during the transition process. 


This can include support in vocational assessments and career exploration activities. Our consultants stay current on best practices, research, and policy changes related to transition planning and supporting students with disabilities and IEP transition goals.

We’ll help to ensure that your district’s goals are measurable, achievable, and relevant to the transition planning needs of students with disabilities. They can be tailored to each student’s individual needs and strengths and help guide the development of an effective transition plan.


Helping Districts To Enhance The Planning, Teaching, Learning, And Assessment of Mathematics And Reading Literacy

Children vary in their learning abilities, especially in mathematics and reading. While speaking a first language may be second nature, learning to read can be challenging for some students. Our assessment data can help identify students who generally need the same level of support in a particular area, such as reading and mathematics.

We provide consultation, coaching and professional development in best practices in math and reading and how to use data to drive Tier 1 (whole group), Tier 2 (small group,) and Tier 3 (individualized instruction).  We use research to provide districts with best practices in an applied fashion.

Once the data teams Tier students based on need, we then provide you with the “what’s next” best practices in each of the target content areas.

This information can help teachers design the appropriate interventions that will build on student strength and address the knowledge and skills they to access content in a way that helps them most.

Our team can support districts in better understanding the elements of effective reading and mathematics instruction, how children, the causes of difficulties, and how to prevent them.


Helping Districts Unleash The Potential In Every Gifted Learner

Gifted education is a critical component of a comprehensive educational system, yet it is often overlooked or misunderstood. 

Gifted and talented students possess unique learning needs requiring specialized instruction and support to fully realize their potential. Educational leaders and faculty may struggle with how to effectively integrate gifted services into their existing multi-tiered systems of support for students.

This integration is essential to ensure all students, including those who are gifted and talented, receive the appropriate level of instruction and support they need to thrive.

At Magnolia Consulting Group, we specialize in helping school districts seamlessly incorporate gifted services into their multi-tiered systems of support. Our expert team provides data-driven consultation and coaching, helping districts to create an inclusive environment where gifted and talented students are recognized, supported, and encouraged to reach their full potential.


Helping Districts Reach Excellence in Language Learning And Teaching In A Multicultural World

Teaching a language or content in a multilingual classroom (or any type of learning environment, such as (tele-collaboration or distance learning), has become the norm, as well as a challenge faced by more and more educators.  Our team can help your district to fully embrace this asset, as young learners gain increasing opportunities to communicate with peers of different origins, cultures and backgrounds and thus develop tolerance and respect for others


We support data analysis, PD, coaching of our English Language Learners (ELL’s) and Multilingual Learners (ML’s).  We provide support with meeting the needs of students through needs/program assessments, coaching, professional development and consultation. We also provide data analysis through ACCESS/WIDA assessment scores. We can help to identify all the tools that can be made available to students to help them become independent language learners and users.


Helping Develop A District-wide Extraordinary SEL Culture – One School At A Time

According to a recent survey from EdWeek Research Center, 83 percent of respondents believe Social Emotional Learning, (SEL), "helps students master academic skills.” That is why our group of Education Experts supports the development of Tiered Systems of Support in SEL/Behavior.

But just what is Social and emotional learning? It is the process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions


Because SEL integration in schools is a fairly new concept, it can be tough for districts to know where to start and what to do. We’re here to support districts as they begin to identify assessments/data to develop SEL/behavior based data teams, develop PBIS systems, fill in gaps at each tier, develop behavior intervention plans, and build capacity of counselors and other specialists within the district.

As a result, your students reach their full potential and thrive with evidence-based social-emotional learning lessons.