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Our Very Own Meredith Thomas, M.S.E., Empowers Inquiry-Based Learning through her Contributions to a New Book, 'Amplify Student Inquiry'

By Christie Schutz Vincelli, Ed.D.

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, Meredith Thomas, M.S.E., is an example of innovation and inspiration.

As a valued member of Magnolia Consulting Group, she has made significant contributions to the field of education with her recent involvement in the book, ‘Amplify Student Inquiry,’ a part of the dynamic three-book series titled ‘Amplify Learning: A Global Collaborative.’


In this exciting project, Meredith lent her expertise and insights to craft two enlightening chapters, focusing on the integration of computer science and robotics to bolster inquiry-based instruction. Her chapters provide readers with invaluable instructional strategies, a wealth of resources, real-life vignettes, and practical tips for seamlessly integrating standards while nurturing a learning environment that is both hands-on and authentic.


Meredith’s commitment to education continues beyond her written contributions. She is a passionate and dedicated educator with 20+ years of experience in the classroom from Pre-K to college. Her work expanding services and restructuring the gifted and talented program for Holmdel School District is now an exemplar in the state, making her one of New Jersey’s leading authorities on gifted and talented education. Accordingly, she regularly presents at conferences and serves as a resource for other educators. 


Meredith’s work has been published by Educational Viewpoints, NJEA, NJAGC, and IGI Global. She is pursuing a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Teaching from National University, focusing on effective gifted programming and instructional strategies.


The Amplify Learning: A Global Collaborative series represents a collection of educational treasures, and Meredith’s chapters are no exception. They illuminate the path to a more engaging, interactive, and forward-thinking educational experience for students and teachers alike.


Meredith’s work is a testament to her dedication to enhancing the learning journey for all, and her enthusiasm for pushing the boundaries of conventional education is nothing short of inspiring. 


For those eager to dive into the wealth of knowledge shared in ‘Amplify Student Inquiry,’ the book is available on Amazon or through Edumatch Publishing. Whether you’re an educator, a parent, or simply someone passionate about improving the world of learning, this book is a valuable addition to your library.


Her contributions to ‘Amplify Student Inquiry’ exemplify the transformative power of inquiry-based learning, leaving us all eager to explore new horizons in education.