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Medicaid in Education – Curse or Cure?

Over my years as a special education director and work in the ed tech sector, I have often heard from districts that the burden of documentation and other rules are too great for them to actively claim Medicaid reimbursement.

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Social Skills, Behavior, or Both?

As students transition back to school from a lengthy stay at home period, districts need to ensure there is a proper system of support in place. As part of that, we need to be able to address both social skills and behavior. Here’s why.

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A Checklist

When we go into education, specifically education administration, we aren’t always taught strategies used in the business world. Our perspective is typically one of an educator, not a manager.

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The Pros of Being Proactive

As an administrator, I was frustrated. Here we are, identifying clear issues and areas of need, and we’re being told too bad, she doesn’t qualify? As parents, we continued to provide the best services we could after school.

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Why Behavioral RTI?

At that point, I began to ask my typical round of questions: what have you seen going on with the student in the classroom? What types of behavioral challenges is the student exhibiting? What types of interventions and/or consequences have you provided to support the student and try to correct the behavior?

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Beginning at Baseline

As I continue to have conversations with colleagues and fellow educators, the largest area of concern is not academics or how much students have struggled during virtual learning. It is how do we address social/emotional well-being as we reenter school?

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